About Chris


  • Gaining knowledge in computer hardware and software, particularly relating to real-time systems and telecommunication systems.
  • Becoming an upper-level system designer and programmer within five years.


Computer Support

Since 2003 employed by the University of Ottawa as support and help engineer. This involves everything from installing new software, hardware, systems and helping with day-to-day problerms.

Software Designer
Innovance Networks Inc.
August 2001 to September 2002

  • Team member of the Base Software and BSP (Board Support Package) groups.
  • Implemented hardware testing routines, as well as low-level hardware device drivers for several Motorola 8260-based fiber optic switching devices, using C under VxWorks.

Software Developer
Blackline Systems Corp.
October 1999 to August 2001

  • Team member on contract projects for Mitel Corp. and IQ-Max Corp.
  • Ported a hardware driver library to PalmOS.
  • Implemented and tested new functionality for microcontroller-based telephone switches, using Cand C++under VxWorks. Included creating a hardware device driver.
  • Added several user interface screens to a system configuration utility written in Visual C++.
  • Assisted in writing software design documents.

Software Specialist
Ingenia Communications Corporation and Software Kinetics Ltd.
October 1997 to February 1999

  • Team leader for the development of two Web-based resume and job database systems, written in Java,Javascript and PL/SQL. Duties included implementation, user interface prototyping, documentation, bug tracking, project team coordination and client support.
  • Team member for an activity tracking system, written in Visual Basic. Work included documentation, Microsoft Word macro programming, user interface prototyping.

Software Developer
ProjectPro Corporation
June 1995 to September 1997; March 1999 to October 1999

  • Developer of ProjectPlus, a user interface front end for Microsoft Project, written in Microsoft Project macro language.
  • Corporate Web Page Designer

System Administrator (Volunteer)
The Aurora Research Project
January 1995 to February 1998

  • Web Page creation and maintenance
  • User account administration
  • PC hardware installation



  • Programming languages, especially C and C++.
  • Real-time systems programming using VxWorks and PalmOS
  • Development environments such as TornadoVisual C++ and Visual Basic
  • Assembly language and hardware architecture for Intel and Motorola-based systems.
  • Object oriented design and programming using Rational Rose (UML) and ObjecTime (ROOM).
  • Rapid software prototyping using HTML, Visual Basic, PowerPoint and other authoring tools.
  • Audio and video encoding technologies including MPEG

Team Leader:

  • 1 year of experience coordinating teams of 2 to 6 people.
  • Able to properly schedule and plan a project.

Team Member:

  • 5 years of experience working on projects with 2 to 6 people
  • Able to work alone or in collaboration with other team members


Computer Systems Engineering at Carleton University, class of 1997.
Relevant projects:

  • Design and programming of a real-time communication system in C++ and ObjecTime.
  • Software engineering using Rapid Prototyping and Visual Basic, including a 50-page written report.


  • Technology: computers, audio, photography, automobiles
  • Music: modern and classic rock, electronic music
  • Outdoor activities: Skiing, bicycling, inline skating, hiking, camping

References provided upon request.