Consulting Services

1. Risk Management

We have extensive experience in identifying, analyzing and managing risks in projects. We have written Risk Plans and Risk Policy documents for RCMP in the DNA project, Health Canada for drug submissions, CRA for Balanced Scorecard applications, DND and other Departments and private organizations. The most fascinating project was helping the RCMP make a risk checklist to help determine if an officer should go into a dangerous situation.

2. Roll-up Systems

Typically, a roll-up is a view of multiple projects (programs, portfolios) in an organization. This can be used to plan, view, report, or control multiple projects at once. A tool such as Microsoft Project can be used to roll all the project files into a single master file.

The roll-up can be hierarchical: we roll-up the Project Manager’s files, then the Program Manager’s roll-up is the roll-up of the Project Managers’ roll-up files, and so forth. We can hyperlink to all the other project files, eg, budget spreadsheets, status report Word files, and therefore the roll-up can be used to access all project information. Once per reporting period all the projects are rolled-up into a single file, and collapsed to provide customized reports to different stakeholders. Note that it is also a project information database, each field containing project information. Associated word-processed or spreadsheet files can be hyperlinked, providing a single point of access for all project data. We have created this type of system for numerous clients including CFIA, DND, and PWGSC where over 150 project are rolled up monthly.

3. Methodology

The strategy, methodology or approach to managing can make or break a project. We have implemented the PMBOK four phase approached (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Closure), IT waterfall approaches as well as Agile and Extreme programming methods. We specialize in customizing a methodology to a particular organization: we attempt to use as much of the management practices that already exist in an organization as possible.

4. Project Management Documentation

John Rakos`s book, the Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation gives an example of every project document, from Project Concept, Project Plan to Status Report and Post Project Review.

We can help produce the required PM documentation. Examples include: Project Charter, Project Plan, Risk Management Policies, Risk Management Plan for RCMP DNA project. Project Plan for numerous Health Canada and CFIA projects.

5. Training Strategy

We  specialize in training strategies. We can help define training requirements and gaps, design a curriculum, recommend courses, provide custom training, and evaluate the effectiveness.

Past clients include:

  • Genome Canada, where the objective was to instill a ‘project management culture’ (professional approach) as well as training in PM.
  • RCMP for Risk Management in an operational environment. As a result of the Meyerthorpe murders, new members of the force needed a risk checklist to decide whether or nopt to enter a dangerous building.
  • CIDA for Software Project Management.
  • Health Canada to schedule drug submission reviews.
  • Statistics Canada for IT Project Management.