• Research and Development Project Management

    R & D is a unique activity requiring unique project management. R&D tends to be done by a single person or few team members, who feel they are scientists or researchers, not Project Managers. Most of the time it is difficult to estimate how long the research will take, or how many experiments have to […]

  • John Rakos at the Canadian Mint

    John has been contracted to deliver two Project Management courses for the Research and Development group at the Canadian Mint. This involves interviewing the Project Managers for their needs, customizing the topic list, developing a custom course, and presenting the courses in Ottawa and Winnipeg. It is a big challenge to do project management in […]

  • CBSA PM course held using 6 half day sessions

    Canadian Border Services Agency wanted a three day Project Management course, but were unable to dedicate staff to ┬áthree consecutive whole days. John Rakos was able to manage this by providing 6 half day sessions in a two month period. “This was ideal for our busy staff,” said Serge Caya, Project Manager at CBSA. “Although […]