Advanced Microsoft Project Training Course

This one day course is for those who have to manage multiple projects, complex projects, large projects, or projects with a set of complex or shared resources. Project, Program or Portfolio Managers will benefit.

Version 2016 or any previous version can be taught.

This course can be taught at your site. This is cost effective if you have more than four people to train. PleaseĀ Contact Us.

Course Outline

  1. Project vs Program vs Portfolio management
  2. Resources
    1. Resource Pools – seeing the load on an individual
    2. Assigning shared resources
  3. Multi project resource leveling
  4. Project Roll-up
  5. Strategies: by organization chart, by position of owner, geography, etc.
  6. Managing inter-project dependencies
  7. Optimizing multiple projects
  8. Other advanced topics
  9. Options: setting Calendars
  10. Customized filters, groups and reports
  11. Displaying the appropriate information for the appropriate stakeholder: summary views and reports
  12. Reporting against a baseline
  13. Customized views with filters, groups, tables
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